Founder of Steady Wind, LLC and Creator of The Pack Animal Podcast, David J Kurlander has been a Wild and Domestic Animal Behavior Specialist, Wild Animal Researcher, Professional Wild Animal Trainer, and Professional Dog Trainer specializing in NAVDA competitive and recreational upland, water fowl and versatile hunting with advanced field obedience for over twenty five years.

David’s research and methods have made massive progress in rescue, rehabilitation and obedience training within over 100,000 Domestic and Wild Animals. In addition to effective obedience training and competition training, David is a Certified Practical Animal Behavior Specialist and focuses on behaviors such as aggression, fear, and anxiety.

His experience includes working as a Wild Animal Keeper for The Bronx Zoo in New York City, Animal Behavior Specialist for several local veterinary hospitals in the Hudson Valley, and Behavior Specialist & Trainer for many large world-renowned rescue organizations.

David possesses the unique ability to understand canine emotion and psychology. His non-aggressive, understanding and gentle approach towards dogs earns results quickly and effortlessly through the development of structure and communication. Retaining your dogs personality while encouraging and strengthening natural instincts.